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    Connectivity Infrastructure

    Our Colocation offerings include two means of connectivity those being; Managed Internet Access and Dedicated Carrier Access.

    Managed Internet Access

    Our Managed Internet Access bandwidth utilizes multiple tier 1 providers including; This blend of carriers and peers offers you flexibility, reliability and scalability while minimizing your bandwidth costs.

    IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are both deployed, and distributed throughout our Cisco core infrastructure. The network topology ensures that 100% uptime is achieved, and that all network users take advantage of our peering partners. TeraGo Networks continually monitors network traffic patterns to determine where growth and new capacity requirements may derive from. Ensuring that new capacity and peers are brought onto the network for Asia, Australia and Europe are key areas of focus for the network operations team.

    As a member of ARIN, TeraGo Networks can allocate IP block assignments to clients of the Managed Internet Access service as required. For those clients who have their own Autonomous System (AS) / IP Allocation from ARIN, TeraGo Networks will advertise their allocation for them for no additional cost.

    To test the network latency for your specific needs, you can utilize our Looking Glass Tools.

    Dedicated Carrier Access

    TeraGo Networks facilities are home to multiple tier 1 providers. Via TeraGo Networks Managed Meet Me Room, clients can interconnect to leading carriers with simplicity and ease.

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