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    Toronto Data Centers

    Fire Infrastructure

    TeraGo Networks, utilizes state of the art fire detection and suppression systems including Honeywell's Notifier platform throughout its Toronto Data Center facilities.

    To catch the earliest signs of a potential risk, the Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) subsystem continually monitors all sensors with ultra-precise reliability.

    The FM-200 fire suppression system is the second line of defense upon detection of a threat. The non-toxic gas is released into the pressurized data center facility, extinguishing the fire.

    TeraGo Networks, Toronto data centers utilize dry pre-action sprinkler systems to ensures that there is no Water within the sprinkler lines unless alarms have triggered, and enabled the Notifier system to charge the lines with water.

    As a safety measure, the Notifier system is fully monitored and upon a possible detection of fire, local fire departments and other emergency services are dispatched.

    TeraGo Networks utilizes the Notifer by Honeywell enterprise class alarm control panel to ensure that the colocation and data center infrastructure remains protected at all times.
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