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    Climate Control

    Our elaborate climate control system for our data centers embody numerous subsystems to achieve a highly resilient and redundant subsystems.

    The temperature within the data center is maintained by strict internal checks and controls to ensure that your infrastructure is functioning optimally.

    With the focus to continually decrease our carbon footprint, TeraGo Networks also utilizes a proprietary free air system that allows cold air from the Canadian environment, to be conditioned and pressurized into the data center environment. Passing thru a process that enables the air to be purified, and humidified, the advanced climate control system reduces the dependency on traditional CRAC units and balances out as needed with the Free Air system. When outdoor ambient temperatures rise, the Free Air System automatically scales back, and the CRAC units return to full operational levels. At all times, strict climate controls ensure that temperature, humidity and air quality remain constant to ensure 100% uptime of our clients colocation infrastructure.

    With a focus on Green technology, RefPlus provides the Fluid Coolers for TeraGo Networks's Toronto colocation facilities.
    TeraGo Networks utilizes York / Johnson Controls in the Toronto colocation facility on the eastern seaboard for its condensor based loop system.
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