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    Security Infrastructure

    Physical entrance to the facility is restricted by a three tier physical challenge system. This level of security ensures that any of our tenants, visitors or contractors must pass BioMetric, PIN Code and Card Access verification to enter.

    In order to ensure the upmost security, all maintenance personnel must be escorted by TeraGo Networks personnel to any mission critical areas. Critical areas include Power, Security, Network and Fire subsystem designated areas. Our clients can rest assured that their infrastructure will be guarded safely.

    CCTV is deployed throughout the entire facility to keep a close eye on every inch of the facility. Enabled with instant offsite archiving, digital video is archived for up to 30 days. The technology utilizes a variety of camera technologies specifically designed for each unique area that CCTV feeds are required.

    Above all, the premises is monitored 24/7 with numerous sensors that monitor motion, passage and other variables to ensure that specific areas are not entered or penetrated where restricted or forbidden access is deemed. These critical points are all monitored 24/7 by Chubb Securities.

    Operating major data center facilities for colocation in Toronto, TeraGo Networks turned to Chubb Securities to monitor all the alarm functionalities.
    Pelco has been a leader in the CCTV technology, and TeraGo Networks facilities in Toronto utilize Pelco infrastructure to secure it's cilents server and infrastructure colocation.
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